BR-864: Scrubbing to Find the Audio's Starting/Ending Point

Tags: audio,edit,point,br-864,scrub
1. Hold down [STOP] and press [PLAY]. The [PLAY] indicator begins flashing and scrubbing starts.

At this time, The Track 1–8 LEVEL meters are displayed. The "+|" (SCRUB TO) and "|+" (SCRUB FROM) displayed at the TEMPO position in the screen are the scrub points with respect to the current position. When the cursor is set under the scrub point, it is possible to change scrub point by TIME/VALUE dial.

NOTE: You can press [PLAY] to preview the material to or from the currently selected scrub point.

NOTE: To mute the sound of a particular track, hold down [DELETE/MUTE] and press the relevant REC TRACK button so it starts blinking.

2. Slowly turn the TIME/VALUE dial to move the current position and search for the starting point of the phrase (e.g., where sound is first emitted).

3. After you find the exact point where the music starts, press [STOP] to stop scrubbing.

NOTE: You can now press [LOCATOR] to register a locator point so that you can find the point easily later.