V-Synth: Resampling

Tags: v-synth
The V-Synth can sample audio from an outside source. You can also resample sounds the V-Synth itself produces. Try the following resampling experiment.

1. Select a patch you’d like to sample.

2. Press the MODE button—the V-SYNTH MODE MENU window appears.

3. Touch SAMPLE—the SAMPLE Top screen appears.

4. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW buttons or touch the SCROLL BAR on the screen to select a location for storing your sample. Normally, you’ll select a blank memory location named "NO SAMPLE."

5. Touch SAMPLING—the SMNPLING Template screen appears.

6. Touch TMPL 4 to select the Resampl template.

7. Touch START to begin sampling. The Standby screen appears to show that NOTE is selected in the TRIGGER mode. This means that sampling starts when you press down on any key.

8. Play the desired keys to start sampling. When you’ve finished playing, touch STOP onscreen.

9. Touch PREVIEW to hear the sample playback.

10. If you’d like to, touch RETRY on the screen and record your sample again.

11. Once you’re satisfied, touch OK on the screen.

12. Touch SAVE to store the sample.

Note: For further information on creating and editing samples, refer to Page 55 of the V-Synth Owner's Manual.