VS-2000CD: Recording a Mixdown for CD-Mastering Room

Tags: cd,mixdown,master,mastering,vs-2000cd,room
All audio CD's are two track mixes. Therefore, if you want your 18-track recording to play on a CD, you need to first mix it down to two tracks. The VS-2000CD has a special feature designed for this procedure called the Mastering Room. This takes the audio heard in the Master bus (playback audio) and records it to two master tracks. Afterwards, these mastered tracks can be burned to CD.

1. Press the CD-RW button.
2. Cursor to "Mastering Room" and press the ENTER[YES] button.
3. Turn the Status box to "REC".
4. Turn CDR Rec Mode to "ON" and keep Auto Marker "OFF".
5. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select which "V-Track" you wish to record.
6. Press PLAY to listen to the song and adjust your levels appropriately.
7. When you're ready to record the mixdown, press the REC button and then press the PLAY button. Let the song play through until it's finished, and then press STOP.
8. To hear back your mixdown, turn the Status box to PLAY, press the ZERO button, and then press PLAY.