TD-4: Using a CY-12R/C or CY-15R for 3-way ride trigger

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The TD-4 supports 3-zone trigger capabilities when using the Roland CY-12R/C or CY-15R cymbal pads.
Here's how to connect the pad and make other important settings for optimum playability:

1. Connect the "RD" cable to the BOW/EDGE Output on the pad.

2. Connect the "CR2" cable to the BOW/BELL output.

3. Press the MENU button.

4. Press the "SEL" down button to select "PAD SETTINGS".

5. Press OK.

6. Press SEL down to select "CRASH 2 USAGE".

7. Turn the -/+ dial to choose "RIDE BELL".

8. Press SEL up or down to choose "PAD TYPE".

9. Hit the CY-12R/C,CY-15R pad.

10. Turn the -/+ dial to choose the appropriate pad type (CY-12R/C, CY-15R).

11. Press the MENU button to exit. The new settings are saved automatically.