Prelude: Turn The Metronome ON or OFF

Tags: prelude
Use the following procedure to turn the Prelude Metronome ON or OFF:

1. Press MENU.

2. Use the DOWN ARROW button to select "System" then press ENTER.

3. Use ARROW buttons to select "METRONOME" and use the ARROW buttons to highlight a parameter.

4. Turn the VALUE dial to change the settings.

5. When you’ve finished making changes to the settings, press EXIT.

NOTE: These settings are saved in the System memory.

Metronome Switch: Turns the metronome on/off.

Metronome Mode: Specifies when the metronome will sound.

ALWAYS: The metronome will sound at all times if it is turned on.
REC: The metronome will sound only while you’re recording a Song.
PLAY: The metronome will sound when you’re playing a Style and when you’re playing a Song.