RC-2: Recording a Phrase

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1. With a standard 1/4-inch instrument cable, connect your guitar (or instrument) to the INPUT on the right side panel of the RC-2. With another cable, connect the RC-2's OUTPUT jack to your amp.

2. Turn the PHRASE SELECT knob to choose an unused phrase location.

3. Turn the MODE knob to select AUTO.

4. Step on the pedal - the REC/PLAY/DUB LED flashes to indicate that you're in record standby mode.

5. Play your performance. As soon as the RC-2 detects the signal from your guitar, recording begins automatically and the REC/PLAY/DUB LED lights solidly.

6. When you’re finished recording, step on the pedal. The REC/PLAY/DUB changes to green and the phrase begins to playback automatically.
Tip: You can adjust the volume of the phrase by turning the LEVEL knob.

7. To overdub another performance, step on the pedal again. - —The REC/PLAY/DUB LED changes to orange. This means the RC-2 is recording without erasing what you previously recorded.

8. To stop recording, step on the pedal. The REC/PLAY/DUB LED changes back to green and the RC-2 plays your original performance and the overdub combined.

Tip: You can overdub as many times as you like until the RC-2’s internal memory runs out.

9. To stop the phrase from playing completely, step on the pedal twice.