AX-7: Assigning Notes to the D Beam Controller

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When you’ve chosen the Ar (arpeggio) or Crd (chord) option for the D Beam, use the following procedure to set up the notes you want the D Beam to trigger:

1. Assign Ar1, Ar2, Ar3, or Crd to the D Beam, as described in "Assigning the D Beam Controller."

2. Select Split or Layer mode.

3. Press D BEAM ON/OFF so its indicator’s lit.

4. While holding the desired notes on the keyboard, press the SUSTAIN button on the bottom of the neck, and then release the notes and the SUSTAIN button.

5. Move your hand over the D Beam—the notes you selected are played as an arpeggio or a chord, depending on the D Beam mode you’ve chosen.

Note: When the D Beam is set to Ar1-3 or Crd, you cannot trigger notes from the A-37 keyboard when the D BEAM ON/OFF indicator is lit. See Page 13 in the Owner’s Manual for more information.