DR-770: Bulk Dump

Tags: saving,dr-770,internal,data
The internal data of a DR-770 can be transmitted to a sequencer or to another DR-770 via MIDI. This process is referred to as a "MIDI Bulk Dump," and can be used to back up or "save" the User created content - i.e. Patterns, Songs, Drum Kits, and system settings. Use the following steps to perform a Bulk Dump into a sequencer or another DR-770:

1. Press the MIDI button.

2. Press CURSOR Right or Left < > to select "9 BULK."

3. Turn the VALUE dial to choose the type of data to be transmitted.

4. Press ENTER - "Sure?" appears in the display.

5. Start the recording process on your sequencer (if you're saving the data to a sequencer). If you are transmitting to another DR-770, make sure that the MIDI channels in both 770's are the same, and "RxEXC" in the receiving 770 is set to "ON." For more details on making these settings, refer to the DR-770 manual.

6. Press ENTER. "Trnsmit" appears in the display during the bulk dump process.

7. When the process is complete "All" flashes in the display.