DR-880: Changing the Length of a Pattern.

Tags: dr-880
It is possible to change the length of any Preset pattern, or any User pattern that you've created yourself. This is especially useful if the pattern you would like to use for your current project is too long. Use the following steps to change the length of a pattern:

1. Select a desired pattern to edit.

2. Press EDIT.

3. Use Cursor < > to select "PATTERN."

4. Press ENTER.

5. Use CURSOR < > to select "INFO."

6. Press ENTER.

7. Press Cursor Down to select "MEASURES".

8. Turn the VALUE dial to choose the desired measures - (minimum value of 1).

9. Press EXIT three times and then press PLAY to hear the pattern with the new length.
Note: Increasing the length does not automatically input the drum and bass parts into the new available measures. For example, if you started with a pattern that was 4 measures long, and then increased its length to 6 measures, no sound will be heard from the two new measures (5-6).

Tip: If you would like to save the pattern with its new length, follow the steps in "Pattern Write"(Saving a Pattern) in this Help Desk.