XV-88: System Update Procedure

Tags: xv-88
The following procedure can be used to update the system software.

(CAUTION: All USER information will be lost. Be sure to back up any information you wish to keep.)

Confirm that the XV-88's power is turned off, then connect the XV-88 to your MIDI sequencer with a MIDI cable. Connect the MIDI OUT connector on the MIDI sequencer to the XV-88's MIDI IN connector.

1. While holding down [DEC] and Bank [A], turn on the power to the XV-88. "Update [MIDI] Never Shutdown, Yes = INC, No = DEC" appears in the display.

2. Press [INC] to display "MIDI Waiting MIDI..."

3. Use a sequencer to play back the 32 Standard MIDI Files in numerical order, starting with "p00001.mid."

NOTE: During reception of the data, "MIDI - Receiving MIDI..." appears in the display. When the XV-88 is finished loading one file and is waiting for the next file to be played back, "MIDI - Waiting MIDI..." appears in the display.

Transmission of each file takes approximately 70 seconds to complete.

When playback of all of the MIDI files is completed, "MIDI Complete Update Please Power Off" appears, and the Bank Select indicators [A] through [H] begin to flash.

4. Turn off the power to the XV-88, then turn it on again. This completes the installation.