RD-700NX: Setting The Part Mode

Tags: rd-700nx
By default, the RD-700NX is set up as a 16-part sound module plus a five-part performance keyboard: Upper1, Upper2, Lower1, Lower2, and the Rhythm part.

This is useful when you're using an external MIDI sequencer to play back a 16-part composition on the RD-700NX via MIDI, allowing you to play along using the five additional parts on the keyboard. In this mode, the two areas of the RD-700NX are completely separate—the sounds you select for the Upper and Lower keyboard parts have nothing to do with the MIDI sounds.

If you'd like to play and select sounds for the first four MIDI channels directly from the keyboard, configure the RD-700NX as follows.

1. Press MENU.

2. Use the cursor buttons to select "0. SYSTEM."

3. Press ENTER.

4. Press the left and right cursor buttons until you see "Part Mode 16PART + PERF."

5. Use the cursor buttons to highlight "Part Mode 16PART + PERF."

6. Turn the dial to select "16PART."

7. Press the LAYER EDIT button.

8. Press ENTER to display "Executing ..."

9. Press EXIT several times to return to the main display.

To control and play:
  • MIDI Channel 1—select Upper1
  • MIDI Channel 2—select Upper2
  • MIDI Channel 3—select Lower1
  • MIDI Channel 4—select Lower2