VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824CD: Placing CD Markers

Tags: cd,vs-1680,vs-1880,track,disk,marker,at,once,vs-1824cd
When creating a CD-R in Disk-At-Once mode (or a multi-song Track-at-once disk with Finalize set to "On"), CD track markers must be placed in the VS-1824 song to designate seperate audio tracks on the CD-R. Use the following procedure to place CD markers in the current song:

1. From the main play screen, use the TIME/VALUE dial, FF or REW buttons, or locator buttons to locate the spot in the song where you wish to place a CD marker.

2. Hold PLAY/DISPLAY and press TAP to place a CD marker. This will be shown on the time counter as a 3-digit number (starting at "000") with a lower-case "c" next to it.

NOTE: CD markers must be at least 4 seconds from the start of the song (a CD marker is not needed at the beginning of the song project) and from each other.