VS-880: Burning a Backup CD

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CD burning functions were added to the VS-880 after the unit's operating system was upgraded to version 3. If the unit does not have cd burning capability, update the operating system. Updates are located under "Support" at www.rolandus.com.

1. Press the SONG button until "CD-R Backup?" is displayed, then press the YES button.

2. "Store Current?" is displayed. Press YES to store any changes in the current song.

3. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the song to be backed up; if you wish to back up all the songs on the drive partition, choose "All Song".

4. Press PARAMETER right and turn VERIFY to "on". Press yes.

5. "CD Speed=" is displayed. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the backup speed.

6. "-Insert Disc-" is displayed. Insert a blank CD-R, and press YES.

7. "Now Working" is displayed. The backup has begun.