JV-80: Using the SL-JD80-Series Sound Library with the JV-80

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Each set in the SL-JD80 Series Sound Library consists of 2 cards, a Waveform card and a Data card. The SOJD80 Waveform Cards supply waveforms that can be used in Patches in the JV-80, JV-880, JV-90, JV-1000 and JV-1080 synthesizers. The PN-JD80 cards contain Patch and Setup data for the JD-800 and JD-990 only.

In order to access the waveforms on the SO-JD80-Series card, you must be in Patch mode. It is suggested that you begin by initializing the current Patch in Temporary memory. An Initialized Patch uses only one Internal Tone. The next step is to replace this Internal Tone with a waveform from the SO-JD80-Series card. These procedures will not affect the Patches in your Internal memory unless you write these changes into memory.

Insert the SO-JD80-Series Waveform Card into the PCM Slot.
NOTE: If you use the SO-JD80-Series waveforms in a JV-Series synthesizer, the card must be inserted in the PCM slot for the waveforms to sound.

1. Press WRITE.

2. Cursor to INITIALIZE, then press ENTER twice.

To listen to individual waveforms on the SO-JD80-Series card:

1. Press EDIT. (PATCH EDIT on the JV-80).

2. Press WAVE/LFO in the FUNCTION section.

3. Cursor to GROUP, then press INC to select PCM.

4. Cursor to No, then use INC and DEC to listen to the various waveforms on the card.

When you find a waveform you would like to use, the Patch must be written into Internal memory, or the new settings will be lost when a different Patch is chosen, or when the power is turned off.