MC-50, MC-50MKII: Creating Individual Events

Tags: mc-50,mc-50mkii
Using the Create Event function, it is possible to enter a MIDI event at any
clock location in a track. Use the following procedure to create an event:

2) Press a TRACK button to select the destination track for the MIDI event.
3) Use the numeric keypad to enter a measure-beat-clock position for the MIDI
4) Press ENTER.
5) Press EDIT.
6) Use the DIAL to display "EDIT 3 CREATE Event."
7) Press ENTER.
8) Use the DIAL to select the event MIDI channel.
9) Press ENTER.
10) Use the DIAL to select the event type.
11) Press ENTER.
12) Select the appropriate values for the MIDI event.
13) Press ENTER.
14) Press STOP.