BR-600: Changing the V-Tracks on the BR-600

Tags: recording,v-tracks,br-600
Each of the eight tracks on the BR-600 have a total of eight virtual tracks (V-Tracks). The BR-600 can only playback a total of nine tracks (including the rhythm track) at a time. This can be very useful when making multitrack recordings.

For example, you could record eight different guitar solos on eight V-Tracks and then at a later time choose the best solo. Alternatively, the V-Tracks can be used to store a set of backing tracks for your live performances by loading the various V-Tracks with your performance parts.

Here's how to change the V-Tracks:

1) Press the V-TRACK button. Then press the TRACK button underneath the fader of your choice This will display the track and the status of it's V-Tracks. Darkened boxes indicate that DATA exists on the V-Track and blank boxes indicate that there is no DATA recorded on that V-Track.

2) To choose which V-Track is currently selected for playback, use the TIME/VALUE dial to change the V-Track number. The cursor position will determine which V-Track will be the current playback track.