TD-8: Turning Off Pad Pattern

Tags: trigger,td-8
A pattern in the TD-8 can be triggered by striking one of the pads. This feature is referred to as "Pad Pattern." Some of the Preset Drum Kits already have this feature assigned. Use the following procedure to turn Pad Pattern off within a kit:

1. Press KIT so it is lit.

2. Using the DEC/- INC/+ buttons or the VALUE dial, select a Kit that is utilizing the Pad Pattern feature.

3. Press F3 twice.

4. Determine which pad starts the pattern. Strike the same pad twice; once to start the pattern, once to stop the pattern.

5. Turn the VALUE dial counterclockwise, or press DEC/- to select "OFF." The pattern will no longer play when striking the pad.

6. Press EXIT or KIT when finished.

7. Repeat steps 2-5 for each of the remaining drum kits if desired.