Fantom-XR: Importing an Audio file

Tags: aiff,import,audio,file,wav,fantom-xr
Here's how to import an audio file (WAV/AIFF) into memory as a sample.

NOTE: Place the audio file in the "TMP/AUDIO_IMPORT" folder on the user memory or memory card. Details on this procedure please refer to p.148 of owners manual.

1. Press [SHIFT] so it lights, then press [SAMPLING], then press [MENU]. The Sample Utility screen will appear.

2. Cursor up or down to select "Import Audio". Press [ENTER}. The Import Audio screen will appear.

3. Press [GROUP] to select the import-source area.
User: Select a file from the the user area.
Card: Select a file from the memory card.

4. Use [CURSOR]to move the cursor to the "TMP/AUDIO_IMPORT."

5. Press [CURSOR] up or down to select the file that you want to import.

6. Press [ENTER]. A message will ask you for confirmation.

7. Press [ENTER] to execute.