GR-30: Setting String Sensitivity

Tags: gr-30
Setting string sensitivity on the Roland GR-30 is necessary to ensure optimum
tracking. Use the following procedure to set the string sensitivity:

1. Use the PARAMETER SELECT dial to select PICKUP SENS (1-6).
2. Press the EDIT/PLAY button.
3. Play a string on your guitar. The left number in the display represents the
string number, and the right number in the display shows the sensitivity level.
For each string, adjust the level with the PATCH + or PATCH - buttons while
playing the string and monitoring the level with the 5 LED INDICATOR (4-Green
and 1-Red). An appropriate level setting will cause the Red LED to light only
when the loudest notes are played.
4. Press the EDIT/PLAY button to exit. This is a GLOBAL function and does not
have to be written into each patch.