Fantom-S, Fantom-S88: Loading XV-5080 Patches Using the Fantom-S Editor Librarian.

Tags: fantom-s,fantom-s88,xv-5080,patches
1. Install the Fantom-S Editor/Librarian, available at Download the XV-5080 patches.

2. Connect the MIDI in and out of the Fantom-S to your computer via a proper MIDI interface.

4. On your computer, launch the Fantom-S Librarian. From the Setup menu, select "Setup MIDI Devices". In the Fantom-S Input and Output fields, select the appropriate MIDI input and output ports connected to your Fantom-S.

5. From the File menu, select "Open..." Browse to the XV-5080 patch file you downloaded named "Fantom-S_XV" and click "Open". A new window will open with a list of 1024 sounds.

6. Select a sound you wish to load into your Fantom-S. From the Edit menu, select "Copy".

7. Select a patch location in the window directly behind. From the Edit menu, select "Replace".

8. Click "Write Selected".