TD-30: Assigning the Direct Outputs

Tags: record,multi,connections,recording,mixer,individual,outputs,pa,branch,recording channels individually

It's possible to assign instruments in the TD-30 to any of the Direct Outputs. This can be convenient when wanting to control  the volume levels individually in an external mixer for live or recording purposes. From the factory, the outputs are already conveniently preassigned. Here are the steps if  you'd like to customize them.    

1. Press SETUP.

2. Press F1 (OUTPUT).

3. Press F2 (DIRECT).

4. Hit one of the pads or press the TRIG SELECT (1...15) button to select the desired instrument to be assigned.

5. Turn the dial to choose the output destination for that pad.

6. Repeat Steps 4-5 for any remaining pads.

7. Press KIT when you're finished. The new output assignments are saved automatically.