No Audio Playback from RPC-1

Tags: audio,volume,sound,vm-3100pro,rpc-vm31,rpc-1,studio,package,mute,solo,playback
Though there can be many computer-related reasons for not hearing any audio playback from the RPC-1 audio card, it is possible that the R-BUS channels on the VM-3100PRO are simply turned down or muted. Use the following procedure to turn up the R-BUS channels and clear all MUTE and SOLO settings on the VM-3100PRO:

1. Press AUDIO CH so that it is lit green. This changes the fader control target to the R-BUS input channels (13-20).

2. Turn faders 1-8 all the way down, then back up to the "0" mark (note that you are now actually controlling channels 13-20 with these faders).

3. Hold SHIFT and press MUTE. This clears all channel mutes.

4. Hold SHIFT and press SOLO. This clears all channel solos.