VR-700 V-Combo, V-Combo VR-700: Setting Up An Upper/Lower Organ Split

Tags: vr-700,v-combo
This describes how to set up two shortened manuals across the single VR-700 V-Combo keyboard.

1. If any ENSEMBLE BUTTONS are lit, press them so they're not. Doing this automatically activates the HARMONIC BARS ORGAN ON button.

2. Press SPLIT—the dual-manual split is turned on, and the
current split point is shown in the display. You can use the - and/or + buttons to change the split point if you like.

Note: To change the split point later on, you can always double-click the SPLIT button, and then use the - and/or + buttons to set the split as desired.

Note:: To change either the upper or lower manual sound using the drawbars, press the HARMONIC BARS area's UPPER or LOWER button, respectively, to light it, assigning the drawbars to the control of the corresponding manual.

Note: If you’re not using a pedal keyboard and would prefer the characteristic pedal sound under your left hand instead of the lower manual sound, hold down LOWER and UPPER and press SPLIT so it lights.