The VGA monitor is not centered.

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You may need to adjust the REFRESH RATE in the Utility/System menu. There are 4 settings to choose from at 60, 66, 70 and 75 Hz

1. Hold SHIFT & press UTILITY to switch target to LCD.

2. Press UTILITY. Press F1 (System)

3. Press F2 (Param2).

3. Change the refresh rate (with the CURSOR buttons and TIME/VALUE dial) to one of the 4 possible settings and use the one that looks best. The screen will black out for a second as you try a new setting.

Horizontal and Veritical positioning may also need adjustment. The screen is centered correctly when:

PROJECT pull down menu is in the top left of the screen
HOME is in the top right of the screen
REMAIN time in hours/min/seconds is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen.