RD-700GXF, RD-700GX: Assigning Functions to the S1 and S2 Buttons

Tags: rd-700gx,rd-700gxf
Use the following procedure to assign functions to the S1 and S2 buttons on your RD-700GX.

1. Press the EDIT button so it lights.

2. Turn the large dial to select "SYSTEM."

3. Press ENTER.

4. Press the right arrow button once to display "S1/S2 MODE."

5. Turn the dial to select "SYSTEM."

6. Press F2 (ZONE INFO).

7. Turn the dial to select a new function for S1 and/or S2.

8. Press F1 (WRITE) to display "Are You Sure?"

9. Press ENTER to confirm your intentions—"Executing...." is displayed

10. Press EDIT so it's not lit to return to the main menu.