VSR-880: How do I sync up a drum machine or sequencer to my VSR-880?

Tags: vsr-880,midi,sequencer,slave,clock,sync,drum,machine,synchronization,mpc
1) Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI out of the VSR-880 to the MIDI input of your drum machine or sequencer.
2) Set the drum machine's clock to its external midi mode.
3) On the VSR-880 hold down SHIFT and press SYSTEM
5) Press ENT/YES
6) PARAMETER to "SYS Syn:Gen ="
7) Turn the TIME/VALUE wheel to select "MIDIclk"
8) PARAMETER to "SYS Syn: TMAP 1 ="
9) Press ENT/Yes
10) Turn the TIME/VALUE wheel to set the tempo to be generated for the drum machine or sequence.
11) Press PLAY DISPLAY to return to the main display.

Pressing play on the VSR-880 will then start the MIDI drum machine or sequencer.