R-09: How To Record with the Built In Stereo Microphone

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1) Press the (REC Button) so that it flashes red.

2) Turn the AGC button to the off position.

3) Adjust the input level, using the input level buttons on the left side of the R-09 and the MIC GAIN switch on the back.

Note-Use the Low Gain setting for loud sources and the High Gain for softer signals. Keep in mind, a low source signal that is boosted on any recorder will produce noise. Positioning the R-09 closer to a quiet source is better than increasing the input gain too far. On the other side, a signal that is too high will produce digital distortion (crackling and popping.) Ideally, look for meters to stay above -6db and below peaking.

4) Press the REC button a second time.

5) Press STOP to stop recording.