MICRO BR: Using Auto Punch In / Out

Tags: record,track,out,in,punch,overdub,auto,rec

You can use the Punch In/Out feature on the MICRO BR to precisely record "punches" automatically at points you specify. This can be useful for recording a certain section over and over again until the performance is right or for recording yourself without having to use your hands to Punch In and Out.

  1. Move to the point in time where you want the punch in to occur and then press the [A<>B] button .
  2. Move to the point in time where you want the punch out to occur and then press the [A<>B] button.
  3. Press [TR2] (AUT) . The region you specified with the [A<>B] button will be the auto punch-in/out region.
  4. Press one of the [TR1]–[TR4] buttons .
  5. Press the CURSOR buttons  several times to access the Rec Track screen.
  6. Press one of the [TR1]–[TR4] buttons . to make “REC” appear for track you would like to record to.
  7. Press [EXIT].
  8. Move to a location slightly earlier than the Punch-In point at which you want to begin recording.
  9. Press the red record button to enter record-standby mode
  10. Press the play button to begin record. Recording will not actually begin until you've reached the point you specified as the punch-in location.
  11. When you have finished recording, press the stop button .