MC-80: Shut Down Procedure

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Before turning off the power to the MC-80, a "shut down" procedure must be
completed. This operation "parks" the read / write heads on any installed
drives. Failure to follow this procedure may result in loss of data or damage
to the drive(s). Use the following procedure to shut down the MC-80:

1) Save any work in progress.
2) Press SEQUENCER so it is lit.
3) While holding SHIFT press STOP.
4) Press F6.

NOTE: If "Please remove the floppy disk" is displayed, press the eject button
on the disk drive.

5) Turn off the power when "The MC-80 may now be shut down safely" is

NOTE: The MC-80 cannot be shut down while playing or recording is in progress.
Press the STOP button before executing the shut down procedure.