MC-505: Mute Remain

Tags: mc-505
The MC-505 can retain the current mute settings and hold them when another
pattern is selected. This function is called Mute Remain. Use the following
procedure to select Mute Remain:

1) Press MODE so PTN is lit.
2) Press PTN/SNG.
3) Use the VALUE dial to select a Pattern.
4) Press PART MUTE so that it is lit.
5) Press PLAY.
6) Press PLAY again so it is flashing.
7) Use the PART buttons [R, 1-7] to mute the desired parts.

NOTE: The PART button will flash when a Part is muted.

8) Use the VALUE dial to select another Pattern.

NOTE: When the newly selected Pattern starts playing, the previously selected
mute settings will "remain" and the PLAY button will stop flashing, indicating
that Mute Remain is now disabled. At this point you can continue to use the
same Mute settings by repeating steps 6 through 8.