AX-7: Assigning the D Beam Controller

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The D Beam Controller can be assigned to play arpeggios, chords, single notes, or various MIDI controller change messages. Use the following procedure to set up the D Beam Controller:

1. Press CONTROL so it’s lit. As the display is flashing, use the DOWN and UP buttons to select dbn.

2. Press KEYBOARD MODE LOWER and/or UPPER to select the zone(s) you wish to control.

3. Use the DOWN and UP buttons to select the desired setting. Choices include:

• Ar1, Ar2, Ar3—Arpeggiator, set to 1, 2 or 3 octaves
• Crd—D Beam plays a chord
• ntE—D Beam plays a note
• 11u/11d — Expression, useful for fading sounds in or out
• 16u/16d-19u/19d, 71u/71d-78u/78d — Assigns D Beam to Control Change Numbers 16-19 or 71-78

Note: For each controller, there’s a “u” version and a “d” version. With the “u” version, the controller’s value increases as you move your hand towards the D Beam. With the “d” version, the controller’s value decreases as you move your hand closer to the D Beam.

4. Press CONTROL so it’s not lit when you’ve finished making your selection.

5. Press the D Beam ON/OFF button so it’s lit, and move your hand over the D Beam to trigger the effect you’ve selected.

Note: The D Beam settings are saved as part of a patch, so don’t forget to write your current settings as a patch to memory if you want to save them. See "Writing Patches."