EF-303: Synchronizing with MIDI Devices

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Use the following procedure to synchronize the EF-303 with another MIDI device.

Note: An external MIDI device must be capable of generating MIDI clock to use it with the EF-303.

1. With a MIDI cable, connect the MIDI OUT jack of the external device to the MIDI IN jack of the EF-303.

2. While holding SHIFT, press the MANUAL button.

3. Press the BPM COUNT ƒo button twice to set the Sync Mode to SLV (Slave).

4. Press the EXIT button.

5. The screen asks if you.re Sure (SUR). Press WRITE to complete the operation. If the screen has three lines across it ( - - - ) the unit is now in slave mode.

6. Select Patch 3-2 SLICER + PAN by pressing BANK, Button 3 and then Button 2.

7. Start the external device. The EF-303 starts and plays along at the same tempo.

8. Try adjusting the RATE/LOW, CUTOFF/MID and RESO/HIGH knobs for different sounds.

9. Move the 16 sliders to different positions and see what effect combinations you can create.