JUPITER-80: Connecting to the iPad JP Synth Editor Application (Wired)

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The Jupiter-80 can connect to an Apple iPad (r) via USB using the Apple Camera Connector Kit (or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter for newer iPads with the lightning connector). Use the following procedure to set up this connection:

Set the USB Driver in the Jupiter-80 to "Generic."

1. Press MENU.

2. Touch "SYSTEM" on the touch screen.

3. Cursor down and touch "Beep/Misc,"  then Cursor down to "USB Driver" and use the Value Dial to select "GENERIC (MIDI Only)."

4. Touch the red 'System Write" icon at the top of the screen to save this setting.

5. Power off, then back on the Jupiter-80.

Connect to the iPad

1. Connect the USB cable from the USB COMPUTER (square) connector on the back panel of the Jupiter-80 to the Apple Camera Connector Kit, which connects directly to the iPad.

Setting Up the JP Synth Editor

1. Start the JP Synth Editor

2. Touch the gears icon in the upper right hand corner of the application to open the settings window.

3. Under "Choose a device," select "Jupiter-80."

You should now be able to use the editor to control the Jupiter-80.