JV-80: Accessing tones from a PCM card or expansion board

Tags: jv-80
The SO-PCM1 series card and the SR-JV80 series expansion boards come with a set
of Patches on board. Use the following procedure to access these Patches:

1) Press WRITE.
2) Use the CURSOR LEFT and RIGHT buttons to select Card.
3) Press ENTER.
4) Use the CURSOR LEFT and RIGHT buttons to select PCM Card.
5) Press ENTER.

You can now select either PCM card or expansion board and the name of the first
Patch will come up on the screen. You can step through all of the Patches at
this point. If you want to write one of these Patches into internal memory,
you will need to hit the WRITE button again, select [WRITE] and follow through
the writing procedure.

In order to make your own patches you will have to have some understanding of
sound design on a synthesizer. Each of the 4 Tones in a Patch use a PCM
sampled waveform as a starting point. If you want the Tone to access a Card
Waveform rather than an Internal Waveform, go into Patch Edit mode, access the
Waveform Generator [WG] and change the waveform from an internal sound to a
waveform on the PCM card or expansion board.