UA-25: Recording into Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro

Tags: recording,inputs,guitar,ua-25
Install the Edirol Audio Interface per instructions.
Start Guitar Tracks Pro.
Perform "system test" if GTP asks to do it.
In GTP, select Options>Audio.
In the "General" tab, select your Edirol device as your Playback Timing Master and Recording Timing Master.
In the "Drivers" tab, select all available Edirol Inputs and Outputs by highlighting them.
Click OK.

Plug your guitar into your Edirol device. Make sure you selected an input jack that has a "Hi-Z" input switch. On the UA-25, plug your guitar into the "L-Mono" jack and set your input switch to "Guitar".

Create a new GTP project. We'll start with recording Track #1. Directly below the "Track 1" is your input selector. Select the input that your guitar is connected to. Arm the track by clicking the R button. Now click the Record button in the transport. Play.

Stop, rewind. Playback your recording. You should hear it in the headphones or powered speakers that you connected to your Edirol device.

If GTP doesn't record anything, verify that the input you selected for that track matches the input your guitar is plugged into. Make sure your guitar's volume is turned up. Make sure the input sensitivity on your Edirol's guitar input jack is turned up (you may have it set it to almost maximum in some cases).

If GTP records OK but you don't hear the sound on playback, make sure the ouput of your track is set to the outputs of your Edirol device. Check your headphone volume. Check you GTP mixer. Its fader controls will control the output volume.