RD-700GX, RD-700GXF: Storing Your Settings In A Setup

Tags: setup,rd-700gx,write,store,rd-700gxf
The RD-700GX has 100 setup memory locations that can be used to store your favorite keyboard settings. Use the following procedure to store a setup:

1. Press SETUP WRITE so it is lit.

2. Use the LEFT/RIGHT CURSORS and the ROTARY DIAL to create a name for the Setup.

3. Press the DOWN CURSOR once and use the ROTARY DIAL to select a SETUP NUMBER where your settings will be saved.

NOTE: You will notice Setup names already assigned to the various Setup locations as you scroll through them. These are previously stored Setups. You will be overwriting one of these locations.

4. Press ENTER to display "Are You Sure?"

5. Press ENTER to display "Executing..."

You can now use the following procedure to recall your setup:

1. Press SETUP so it is lit.

2. Use the DEC/INC buttons or the VALUE DIAL to select the desired setup.