FP-2: Splitting the Keyboard

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The FP-2 allows you to divide, or “split,” the keyboard into two different “upper” and “lower” areas. This is called “Split Play,” with a “lower” tone beneath your left hand and an “upper” tone beneath the right. Use the following procedure to create a split:

1. Press the PIANO button.

2. Press the SPLIT button so its indicator is lit.

3. While holding down the SPLIT button, press a key on the keyboard to select it as the split point. (F#3 is default split point.)

4. Use the + and - buttons to select the upper tone.

5. To select a different lower tone, press and hold the SPLIT button and then press the desired TONE bank button. To select a different variation from the selected tone bank, press and hold the TONE button and use the + and – buttons.

6. Turn the BALANCE knob to adjust the volume balance between the upper and lower keyboard areas.

7. When you’re finished, press the SPLIT button so it’s not lit.