RSP-550: Setting up a Whammy Pedal

Tags: rsp-550
A whammy bar or pedal can be a very expressive performance feature. To set up
the whammy pedal, use the following procedure:

1) Choose a patch that includes a Pitch Shifter and turn (PITCH SHIFTER) on.
Then go into the edit mode, select the Mix Balance and assign it to 100% effect.
2) Press the CONTROL ASSIGN button so that "Ext. Control / - l - l - l - "
is displayed. Solid numbers have controllers assigned, flashing numbers do not
have controllers assigned.
3) Use the PROGRAM buttons to select one of the external controllers and use
the VALUE buttons to turn the external controller on and off. "Ext. Control /
1 l 2 l 3 l 4" should be displayed. Turn the 1st external controller on so that
we can program a realtime controller.
4) Select external controller number 1, turn it on, and press the CONTROL
ASSIGN button. "Control Source / Control SW" will be displayed. The Control
Switch is the footswitch that is on the back of the unit. If you want to set a
different controller, use the VALUE buttons to select a new control source.
Controller #16 is a very common choice for real time parameter control of
effects. The FC-50 foot pedal, the GR-1 and the C1 slider on many Roland
keyboards can be set to this controller number.
5) Press the VALUE UP button until "Control Source / Control #016" is
displayed. This will assign the footswitch to controller #16.
6) To select the target, press the PROGRAM button up one time and then the
VALUE buttons to select the individual effect parameter that you will be
altering in real time. Lets start by assigning the target to chorus depth:
Control Target / PS Pitch.
7) It is now possible to set the Minimum and Maximum levels of the foot pedal.
Press the PROGRAM button up one time and VALUE the Minimum level to 0%, press
the PROGRAM button up again and VALUE the Maximum level to 50%. Value Minimum
/ -12 Value Maximum / +12. Change these to a desired setting.
8) Press WRITE two times to store your changes, or EXIT top return to the
standard play mode.