MMP-2: Setting Up a Mic Input

Tags: input,mic,mmp-2
Use the following procedure to connect a condenser microphone (using an XLR cable) to Channel 1 on the MMP-2:

Note: Condenser mics require phantom power; during this procedure, you will use Channel 1’s built-in phantom power supply.

1. Plug an XLR microphone cable into the Channel 1 MIC IN.

2. Press the left-hand PHANTOM/PHASE/LO CUT button so it lights green - "+48V OFF" is displayed on the left of the screen.

3. Turn the knob beneath "+48V OFF" clockwise to display "TURN ON XLR1 PHANTOM PWR OK?".

4. Press ENTER.

5. Press METER so it lights green.

6. While speaking into the mic, adjust Channel 1’s input sensitivity (SENS) knob so that the meter shows a level between -12 and -4.