JS-10: Adding Songs to the Best 30 List


The JS-10 contains a convenient feature called "Best 30." This is a list that can contain your favorite 30 Songs. Using this feature makes it easier to quickly select the songs that you use the most. Here's how to add songs to the Best 30 List: 

1. From the main Song Menu, turn the dial to select the desired Song to be added to the Best 30 list.

2. Press MENU.

3. Cursor to highlight the "BEST 30 EDIT" icon.

4. Press ENTER.

5. The song you choose in step one will appear in the list.

6. Press ENTER to add it to the Best 30 list.

7. Press EXIT when you're finished.

If desired, repeat Steps 1-6 to add more Songs to the List.  

Tip: To view the Best 30 list once you have created it, press MENU, cursor to the Best 30 icon, and then press ENTER.