vs-2480cd, vs-2480dvd: Loading CD Backups into the VS-2480/VS-2400 (Recover)

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"Recover" copies the project from the CD to the drive (partition) that is currently loaded. To recover a backup, follow these steps:

1. Insert the first CD Backup into your CD-R/RW drive.

2. Navigate to the Project List;
For the VS-2480: Press the PROJECT button.
For the VS-2400CD: Hold the SHIFT button and then press F1 (Project).

3. Press CURSOR down to scroll through the Project List until the selector box is around the the CD-RW drive. It may be labeled as SCSI or ATAPI

4. Press F6(List).- "Change Current Drive, Sure?", appears in the display.

5. Press ENTER(YES) -"Store Current?" appears.

6. Press the ENTER(YES).

7. Cursor to the desired project and press F6 to mark it.

8. Press PAGE until "Recovr" is shown above F2.

9. Press F2 (Recovr)- PROJECT RECOVER screen.

10. Cursor down to the CD Speed box and highest value available.
You can choose a slower speed if desired.

11. Press F5(OK) to begin the recover process.

12. "CD-R Recover, Sure?" appears in the display. Press ENTER(YES) to continue.

13. "Store Current?" appears on the display. Press ENTER(YES) to continue.
Note: If the backup is larger than a single disk, the VS-2480/2400 asks for additional disks as needed.

For information about operational procedures, you may our support documents at:
http://www.rolandus.com/products/productdetails.aspx?ObjectId=338 (click on the "Support" tab beneath the product picture).