SP-303: Deleting Unwanted Portions (Truncate)

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When you specify Start/End points, unused waveform data may remain, taking up valuable memory space. By deleting (Truncating) these portions, you can make more efficient use of memory.

1. Confirm that PATTERN SELECT is not lit. If PATTERN SELECT is lit, press it so that the button’s light goes out.

2. Press the PAD you wish to truncate. The pad will light and the sample will sound. Make sure that Start and End points have been set and MARK is lit.

3. Press DEL so it is lit. Although the pads also blink at this time, do not press the pads.

4. Press MARK. “trC” should appear in the display.

5. Press DEL and it will light. The dots in the display will blink. During the truncate process, all pads from 1 - 8 will at first light up, then go out one by one, starting with 1, indicating truncate progress. When the dots stop blinking and remain off, truncate is finished.

NOTE: Please note this process takes some time. Never turn off the power while the dots are blinking. This may result in corruption not only of the sample currently being truncated, but may also damage other samples as well as the memory card.