VS-2000CD: Importing a .Wav File

Tags: .wav,cd,import,vs-2000cd
The .Wav Import feature only recognizes ISO 9660-format CD's. This is a standard format when burning CD's on computer-based software. If the file is not at a 44.1 kHz sampling rate (standard for audio CD's), then the file's sound may be altered when it's imported into the VS-2000CD.

1. Insert a CD containing .Wav files into your CD-R/RW drive.
2. Press the CD-RW Mastering button.
3. Press F4 for "WavImp".
4. Highlight the.Wav file you want to import.
5. Press F5[SELECT].
6. To select the destination track, cursor to the Track box and use the TIME/VALUE dial to select which tracks you wish to import the .wav files onto in the project.
7. Select CONVERT TYPE "Normal" for the entire .wav file.
8. Press F5 for "OK" to import the .wav file in the selected location.
8. When you want to playback the import, go to the tracks you imported it to , raise the faders and press PLAY.