GT-10: Optimizing the GT-10's Output for the Best Tone (Output Select)

Tags: level,sounds,gt-10
It's important to choose the appropriate Output Selection so it matches as close as possible to what the GT-10 is connected to. For example, if you have the GT-10 connected to a PA system, you would choose "LINE/PHONES". Use the following steps to set the Output Select:

1. Just below the main OUTPUT LEVEL knob, press the OUTPUT SELECT button.

2. Turn the VALUE dial to optimize your GT-10 for the device you're connecting to.

JC-120 - Roland JC-120 amp's input
SMALL AMP - Small or practice guitar amp's input
COMBO AMP - Combo amp's input
STACK AMP - Stack amp's input
JC-120 RETURN - The effects return jack on a JC-120
COMBO RETURN - The effects return jack of a combo amp
STACK RETURN - The effects return jack of a stack amp
LINE/PHONES - Headphones, or a mixer, recorder input or amp

3. Press the GT-10's EXIT button when you're finished.

4. Raise the GT-10's OUTPUT LEVEL knob.

5. Raise the volume of your amp or mixer to the desired level.