KR-11: Recording a Song

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Use the following procedure to Record a Song using automatic accompaniment:

1. Select a Music Style as described under “Selecting Music Styles.”

2. Select an automatic accompaniment as described under “Selecting One Touch Programs.”

3. Make sure there is no disk in the drive.

4. Press the SONG button (located to the left of the screen.)

Note: If USER SONG does not appear on the screen, then use the buttons next to [<] on the screen to select USER SONG.

5. Press the REC button in the COMPOSER section (located to the left of the disk drive.)

Note: The REC button indicator will light and the PLAY button will blink.

6. Play a note on the lower half of the keyboard to start the automatic accompaniment and play a melody on the upper half of the keyboard.

7. Press the STOP button when you are done.

8. Press the RESET button.

9. Press the PLAY button to play the song.

Refer to the Owner’s Manual, pg. 31 for more information.