SP-808: Using a Foot Switch

Tags: sp-808
You can connect a foot switch to the Foot Switch jack and use it for one several functions including start/stop of song playback, a damper pedal effect, triggering samples, turning effects on/off. Use the following procedure to assign a function to a footswitch:


2. Check to make sure that "Set System Param?" is selected, then press ENTER/YES.

3. Press CURSOR UP/DOWN to select the "FSW Func" (Foot Switch Function)parameter.

4. Rotate the VALUE/TIME dial to select from "PLAY/STOP," "DAMPER," "SAMPL TRIG," "FX ON/OFF," or "PUNCH I/O."

5. Press PLAY to return to exit.

NOTE: These changes are automatically saved when the disk is ejected. No save procedure is necessary.