GT-10B Factory Reset (Initialize)

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Product: GT-10B

Use the following procedure to clear the GT-10B’s internal memory and reload its factory settings.

Caution: All User information is lost during a Factory Reset.

1. Power ON your GT-10B.

2. Push the [ SYSTEM ] button and the system menu appears.

3. Using the rotary dial turn and highlight/select FACTORY RESET and press the [ CATEGORY/ENTER ] button. The FACTORY RESET screen appears.

4. Using the [◄ ] and [ ► ] buttons on the rotary dial, highlight/select the left range and turn the rotary dial to select “System”. Now, using the [◄ ] and [ ► ] buttons again, highlight/select the right range and turn the rotary dial to select “U50-4”.

5. Push [ CATEGORY/ENTER ]. All parameters are returned to their original factory settings.

6. Factory reset is complete.