eBand JS-10: Patch Sync

Tags: memory,song,effects

The Patch Sync feature in the JS-10 lets you "link" a  desired guitar effects patch number with a Song. When you select a Song, the specified patch will be called up as well when the Patch Sync feature switch is on . 

Here are the steps to sync a Patch to a Song. 
1. Press EXIT a few times to confirm that you're in the main Song menu.

2. Press the SONG button, and then turn the dial to choose a desired Song.

3. Press MENU.

4. Cursor to the "SONG" icon and then press ENTER.

5. Cursor to the "SONG INFO" icon and then press ENTER.

6. Cursor to highlight the "PROTECT" switch and then turn the dial to choose "OFF." This turns off the Song Protect feature for the Song.

7. Press EXIT twice.

8. Cursor to PATCH SYNC, and then press ENTER.

9. Turn the dial to choose the desired patch that you'd like to sync with the Song. (Note that you can specify different patches for each of the two inputs).

10. Press ENTER so that "ON" is highlight in the lower right corner. (This is the Sync On/Off switch).

11. Press EXIT when you're finished. The new setting is saved automatically.