GW-8: Recording a Song

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Use the following procedure to record a song on the GW-8:

1. Press the SONG button to light it — this selects New Song on the Main screen.

2. Press the PART VIEW button to display the SONG TRACK

3. Select the part you’d like to record. You can select any part.

4. Highlight the Tone parameter and select the sound you’d like that part to play using the tone buttons and the VALUE dial, or using the GW-8’s Numeric-entry feature.

5. Press the SONG REC button so it flashes and shows the Rec
Standby screen.

6. To change recording modes, press SONG REC repeatedly to toggle between REALTIME and STEP REC.

7. Press the START/STOP button and record your playing.

8. When you’re done, hit START/STOP once more to stop

NOTE: The GW-8 automatically rewinds to the beginning of the
song for you.

9. To hear what you’ve recorded, press START/STOP again — the button flashes during playback.