EF-303: Using the EF-303 as a Synthesizer

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Use the following procedure to use the EF-303 as a synthesizer:

1. Press the BANK button so it's lit.

2. Press Button 4 to select Bank 4.

3. Press Button 3 to select Patch 3.

4. Press START/STOP to hear the synth pattern play.

Note: The synth pattern consists of one measure and 16 sub-divisions in that measure.

5. Use the BPM COUNT or the TAP TEMPO buttons to select the desired tempo.

6. Move the sliders up and down to change the pitch of the different notes.

7. Try out different shapes and designs with the sliders to find new and interesting patterns and sounds.

8. Now try the same thing using Patch 4-2 (Synth) and 4-4 (Drums).